Endless War

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On Christmas Eve, a geek named Stallone is enjoying his video game. However, a real war is awaiting him as he never expects, the ultimate boss Matrix is planning on its invasion to human world.

MATRIX controls every smart terminals in the world and leads its robotic army, bringing ruin to cities and death to people. With the world is at stake, human scientists initiate PROJECT NOAH in hope of saving humanity. And the success of the project depends on only one person, Stallone, the character you will play.

To fulfill Lucy’s legacy, you will lead your AI teams to fight enemies through floors. Train Stallone and his allies to be stronger by ASCENDING. Now fight for the mankind.

Game features:
– Hands-free idle RPG, battle never stops while you are away
– Original story, sandbox-ish game world, movie-like gameplay
– Featured allies to fight along with fun and excitement
– Customize your character with over 1000 equipment available

Android Download Link: http://yoineer.com/2x5B
iOS Download Link: http://yoineer.com/2x6O

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