El Chronicle

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▶ vast scenario of different definitions crossed!
Many people cherished the stories of their own
An epic story that cross national and ethnic groups, time and space
Meet with full voice acting and cinematic rendering of the highest seongwoojin.

▶ continent of mysteries made in open world
From the gorgeous city to the wilderness of the unknown!
Continent of the mysteries of the ancient myths exist!
Explore the beautiful open-world implementation directly.

▶ Real-time PVE! Super boss Reid and production equipment
Colorful party play that progress in real time!
Together with colleagues forces defeated the hemp water
To acquire material items, try making the best equipment.

▶ sweet edge systems with charming hero!
Want more strong and beautiful character?
Hidden Past, secret untold huge variety of heroes!
Open the doors of your heart closed to recruit colleagues raised a good feeling!

▶ do not end your own adventure
Totally blanking on all the adventure end?
In El Chronicle world, a new story will unfold endlessly.
Endless new journey accepts various requests!

Android Download Link: http://skamaker.com/2cjB
iOS Download Link: Not available now

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