Dungeon Breaker Heroes

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★ About the game ★
Hunter’s adventure story to find a queen captured by a monster corps!
The action fantasy of growing up on your own, acting on your own, and breaking unlimitied dungeon.
Fingers are just accessories!

★ Main Features ★
Ultimately autoplay action that evolved wildly based on the world view of the Demong Hunter series
Need just a few click without control, You can feel the best funny
Even if the game is not running, you can get past the dungeon!
Where can I reach? Global ranking system!
Let’s arrangement of team member place is relaxed and carefully!, because it affects result of battle.
Hunt huge bosses in special daily dungeons, collect equipment and equipment materials to strengthen!
Play against other players in the Arena! and Let’s challenge world best ranking !!

Android Download Link: http://viwright.com/6N5Z
iOS Download Link: http://viwright.com/6N6C