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▼ Easy operation with a fancy battle, a never- ending exhilarating
tap, long Push, slide … annihilate the enemy with one fingertip!

▼ Super luxury voice actors who breathe life into stories Arrange
popular voice actors. Maximum presence in real performance!
CV: Isao Mizui Yoshinobu Ozawa Yoshiaki Seki Toshiki Seki Toshiki Seki
Hiroyuki Honda Hiroyuki Honda Yutaka Maekawa Ryouko Hagiwara Mimi Aikihara Katsumi Miura Katsuyuki Kani Katsuyuki Tanihara Nobuyuki Doi Nobuyuki Okamoto Mitsuhiro Hirose Ryosuke Higa Ryota Iwasaki Okino Hiroshi Fujinami Satoshi Yoshida Katsuya Awazu Shinichiro Ohtani

▼ Smashphone game The largest variety of cultivating systems!
More than ten kinds of characters, such as reinforcement of characters, equipment enhancement, evolution, God of wings, destiny, pets, treasures, barons, upgrades! How to train infinite ∞, Let’s raise only your hero!

▼ Cooperate with colleagues in real time!
3 people simultaneous multiplayer, corps warfare, full of battle contents that you can play with everyone else.
Together with your colleagues to grab the victory! Change your battlefront with your skill!
* Multiplayer is under development.

▼ Delusion ·
At the time of a different world story , the late Han dynasty and the era of warfare.
Fierce leaders and hero who should have died suddenly turned into monsters and attacked the human world!

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