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Doctor Fun for Kids – Android

Doctor Fun for Kids – Android Free

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Doctor Fun for Kids! Today i’m plays casual game for kids 2016 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Playthrough) by Bull Studios.

My rate for this a game: 3.5/5.

About “Doctor Fun for Kids” game app:
Do you know how to handle an emergency? If you’re not afraid of wounds and diseases and ready to fight them viruses, then this are the kind of kids games you’ll love playing!
There are a few simple steps that you have to follow no matter the emergency. First thing that you have to do when you see or when you are a part of an accident is call the ambulance, make sure you keep calm and wait for the doctors or other special trained personnel to appear.

In this fun doctor game, you will learn more than just how to handle emergencies from a simple person point of view, but you also get to learn how to be a doctor a surgeon or a dentist yourself!
Learn how to heal any kind of wounds, if you have a dental emergency, you can be dentist for a day and help some patients get the bad teeth out or brush, clean and treat the ones that can be saved!

Some people have their teeth white as snow, but some have maybe an ear, or eye problem, you might be wondering how you can help this kind of people? Well there are a few levels in this doctor simulator in which you can learn how to make the required examination in order to diagnose the patient and give them the right treatment in order to help them recover their hearing or vision.

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