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Divine raid bosses will not be able to capture a dakdil, it mutmut automatic battle.
If you want to taste the pleasure of exciting rewards and defeat enormous bosses monseuteoeul,
Each gongdaewon must faithfully perform the role fits their mercenary tendencies
▶ eleven four kinds Reid
▶ Multi Raid 6 kinds
▶ World Raid Boss 4 kinds
▶ Raid Raid 4 kinds
– mercenaries – Fun for various classes;
Mercenaries are separated by tankers, dealer, healer classes.
Becomes a role in the raid depending on their class,
You can launch a variety of strategies in PVP according to the class combinations.

– bosses – fun to visit the attack;
Unlike traditional mobile games boss with a simple attack pattern,
Divine raid bosses will boast a wide range of properties and patterns of attacks.
Therefore, analyzing the properties and patterns of boss monsters and find a Strategy.
If you want to taste the pleasure of defeat for an exhilarating rewards and huge bosses, please research.

– PVP – homemade two surviving fun;
All combat is no delay in the server-based attacks and movement.
Since the real-time combat environment, it will better control the zest of life.
▶ arena
▶ occupied ago
▶ Competition ago

– Combo Skill – the deal of fun to create your own cycles;
Each mercenary has a combination of a variety of unique skills, you can make a lot of combo skills,
This created a combo skill can be personalized tank / Dill cycle.
It is also present fun, mobile way to create an optimal cycle.

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