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▶ evolution of the PVP! Real-time server GVG war ◀
GVG is a real-time former grade scale spread!
Haekaen slash containing the strategy and action MMORPG!
The server war, DO D I V E!

▶ ◀ geukgang action and emotion of the spectacular 3D graphics
The colorful environment optimized for sensitivity and skill Mobile Action!
Maximizing 3D representation, while the movie played in the same game!
A colorful graphic sensibility DO D I V E!

▶ former and awakening! I waited memories of RPG ◀
Career choice – Awakening – Ex – secondary foster awareness of Tech
Skill Changes in arousal and former ultimate arousal and skill!
Fostering a true RPG DO D I V E!

▶ faction, guild, clan, community features a variety of priests ◀
Various pleasures, such as the war between the camps, master and disciple!
Fatigue-knit unit, the thrill of the battle together with friends!
A newly launched social DO D I V E!

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