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Dino City Simulation – action game 2017 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by BitGames Studio.

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My rating: 3.7/5.

► ABOUT “Dino City Simulation” GAME APP ►
Want to live a prehistoric life as a dinosaur of the dinosaur world for once? Want to try killing people with dino attack in dinosaur world and be a dictator and conquer of dinosaur city in dinosaur city simulation games by dino attack attacking wild animals in the wild city.

Witness a fierce simulator destruction battle between dinosaur and animals in the dinosaur world dinosaur game located in the dinosaur city by using the dino attack.

You as a dinosaur in the dinosaur city simulation games will hunt down wild animals like fox, hippo, zebra, wolf and many others because they are creating problems for your dinosaur world, show your rage by destroying buildings with dino attack and everything in the dinosaur world.

You are one of the many, fierce dinosaur in this dinosaur game as a dinosaur simulator who goes out in the dinosaur city simulator games. You will dino attack the dinosaur world and the people and crazy wild city animals with the dino attack.

Dinosaur city simulation is a simulator game where dino sim is free in the city. The dinosaur has to discover the dinosaur city and hunt the crazy wild animal simulator creating trouble and destruction for you.

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