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DD’Academy is a type of Artillery game, it is different from games like DDtank, Worm Reloaded and etc.
In the game, you can create multiple adorably brave heroes, Hundreds of weapons to choose from, and teaming-up with friends to battle off against the enemy anywhere, anytime.
-To break the tradition,the game try combining RPG and Artilery game for the first time, real-time PvP matches, bring a brand new gaming experience to the players.
The desgin of the map terrains is also a new feature, various terrain designs, and also different terrain materials, terrain damaging system is also featured, players can destroy the platform of his opponent to make him drop to his tragic dead.
-your path will never be ordinary again, well-designed battle stages, battle tactics and the gaming experience a sense of accomplishment.
-Controls that is similar to “Angry Birds”, intuitive controls without losing classical essence of the genre, innovative gaming experience, create your own hero hassle-free with the revolutionary cultivation system.
-Cooler particle effects, deadly fighting combos, meteorites straight out of the sky, scattering arrows, defensive thorn counter attack that will take your breath away.

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