DC Legends (By Warner Bros.) – Android

Free Download DC Legends (By Warner Bros.) – on Android.

DC Legends (By Warner Bros.) – Android

DC Legends (By Warner Bros.) – Free

DC Legends (By Warner Bros.) – Download

DC Legends (By Warner Bros.) – Android for Free on APK Download.

What’s New in Version 1.8.1
DC Legends is now available worldwide! Collect your favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains to battle Nekron, Manhunters, and other players from throughout the world.

• Available Soon! From the Suicide Squad: The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot
• New character abilities such as Invisibility, Multi-attacks, Damage Shield, Counter-Attacks, and much more!
• Super Power Skilltree! Unlock unique and powerful Legendary Super Powers for heroes above 5 stars!

• Battle other players in the PvP Wraith Arena! Compete in 14 different Leagues to earn unique weekly rewards.
• Experience the Justice League’s upgraded Watchtower!
• All locations, from Oa to Themyscira, Thangar to Qward, have graphical improvements!

• The updated combat system gives all your favorite iconic DC characters’ new tactics in battle!
• From Green Arrow to Doomsday, Black Canary to Mirror Master, every Hero is revamped to be authentic to their DC lore!
• New combat stats – Intelligence, Speed, Critical Hits, and more – give your battles new strategy!

In DC Legends, Superman is even more super, Wonder Woman is more wonderful, and Batman is battier than ever!