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DARKSIDERS for Free on APK Download.

Top visual feast
Skills gorgeous special effects, action, totally natural! Compared to film camera interpret the role of fighting, the real physical impingement copy painting vivid battlefield. Floating, fell to the ground, dizziness, bounce multiple combat reaction, super substitute, smooth cool fight!

Cool transfiguration peak develop
Turned the system changing roles appearance, weapons effects, while the big move assigned the role of exclusive skills, get more movement speed, crit strengthen, vampire attacks and other special passive property. One goes for the heart to develop a unique character roles!

Free trade innovative mechanisms
Original diamond auction, gold exchange, playing treasure brush installed for diamonds, 10,000 kinds of equipment free trade, the free market mechanism. It allows you to play treasure earn more for the change drill! At no cost to become a fighting force of the King!

Set Depth strengthen collection
Refining, the purification, precious stones, soul conjugated word …… rich play equipment to develop, with the ever-changing property, built the masterpiece God installed. More top fighting suits, ultimate fighting force, powerful addition, as the master of you, definitely worth having!

Fun puzzle adventure checkpoint
In the copy into the game a lot of authority, puzzle elements, dynamic scenes like a person, love random event trigger. More chances to enter the rare copy of the harvest better reward. Bid farewell to boring no brain melee explore fun increase exponentially!

Keep a copy of adventure challenge
Parchment scrolls, Mammon cache of challenges Hellgate, the Tower of Babel, the guardian gods …… original game multiple bonding adventure story background copy of play, the players brought challenging, lucrative PVE combat experience.

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