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Dark Fire (KR) Android

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[Dark Fire Games open Events Guide]
Dark Fire one) for 8 days Happiness (mission accomplished) Events
Dark Fire two) I No. 1 (priority level) Event
Dark Fire set) outstanding arts (attack power ranking) Event
Dark Fire four) event, which returns as a consumer


Stop lines remind us know instinctively give emotional instincts of combat action RPG ‘Dark Fire

◆ special equipment configuration
– Equipment with special properties, such as fire / water / electricity / Dock
– A variety of equipment, such as system configuration, equipment smelting / synthetic / jewelry Enchanted / disassembly / reinforcement

◆ attacks and skills gorgeous and beautiful
– Four types of attack skills and sense of urgency full battle mode consisting of one kinds of defensive skills
– Divided into various configurations which the main skills and secondary skills
– Skills that can be further strengthened through the best part of the upgrade,

◆ Configuration fun tapas variety of content
1) Hourly world’s dungeon boss
2) obtain a special dungeon wings reinforced materials
3) Special items acquired dungeon (runes and crystals, obtained in the devil)
※ The Devil Rune: Buff effects added to the item with respect to fire / water / electricity / Dock property
8 places to wear through the grades produced divided by positions – each class (white gold)
According to obtain special effects.
4) Golden plunder dungeons
: The acquisition of large quantities of gold coins available Dungeon
5) raid dungeon monsters
: Experience acquired a large amount of available dungeons
6) defeated Giant Dragon Dungeon
: The possible acquisition of the amount of reinforcing material Dungeon
7) compensates daily cumulative score
: Items purchased from the store with a cumulative score

[Official Community Guide]
– Visit to the community Hungry app Get information and a variety of rich rewards!
– “The Dark Fire ‘community page: http://www.hungryapp.co.kr/bbs/list.p…
Developer Contact:
Wansan-gu Jeonju Jeonbuk gyeongwondong 3 70-1 (KT) Branch Jeonju 3rd floor


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