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Do you have the right Cat-itude and skills to avoid this Cat-astrophe? In this new-age brick-breaking pinball adventure, join the CatFight alongside some paws-itively cute CubeCats as they use their CatSkills to defeat the enemy.
What does a cute, cuddly CubeCat use to fight? An entire arsenal of CatBalls that do everything from blocking bullets, Pyro Strike, Absolute Zero Attacks Electromagnetic Vortexes. Switch between different CatBalls mid-play, but be careful how you use these powerful skills as they can and will backfire if not used correctly!

Easy and Addictive gameplay
3D Characters, electronic music, and exciting battle graphics provide you with an addictive, cat-ivating game experience
Easy to play; click the target or drag your CubeCat to launch attacks
As the challenges increase, unique CubeCats skills are revealed
Control the timing and angles of your attacks, and choose the appropriate skills to achieve higher scores and rewards!
Collect gold to upgrade CubeCat abilities and take on the most evil, deceptive and deadly BOSS a CubeCat has even known!

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