Cross Legion: Last Future

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Cross Legion: Last Future Android

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Sent by NEXON × NDOORS, MMORPG blockbuster!
“Cross Legion – Last Future ~”
Tsukuse play a full-scale action RPG online!
▼ fantasy spread in a large 3D field.
While moving a large 3D field, carry out the fellow and the Quest!
To fight the monsters that appear one after another!

▼ world of adventure infinite
Adding a new field and a new profession, and even more, such as a new raid content and dungeons, one after another additional updates.
The world of adventure is endless, the fun of adventure does not end experience!

▼ a united front! And PvP!
A united front up to a maximum of 4 people, and PvP mode equipped with the auto-matching!
And density of the full-scale MMORPG for the PC, the playability of the mobile online RPG you to!

▼ turn-based continuous combat system that strategy resistance is required
Adopted-turn combat system which inherited the strategy of the royal road RPG.
Enough Tactics to taste the essence of the ARPG!
In addition also supports auto-play, you can play in response to the play style!

Thousand years end a large war with the devil Antares ….
In the Britannia Islands Nottingham was peace, Naga we started using black magic,
Also it began to hit the man until the spirits to protect the other side of the forest.

And began to haunt the dark corps around the world, representatives of each country swear to ensure that they do not cooperate with each other.
As at the time of the Great War of that thousand years ago.

But Without the cooperation of purebred vampire of the most powerful presence is legendary, it was not able to find hope in the dark prince of battle.

Those who want the destruction, Sarakaeru. If you go to the guy of speculation Street, … that the world would follow the road of destruction definitely.
You track the Sarakaeru, it was stood up in order to prevent the plan.


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