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– cute 2D graphics dot
3 assholes cute 2D characters
utilizing the dot as smooth motion skeleton Annie
craftsmanship alive delicate 2D dot

-strong blow to play a fun RPG easy operation sense
possible depth control in the simple operation of a side-scrolling 2D action RPG game
studio in depth by utilizing the counter (fight back)

– with multiple users PVP, boss Raid in real time to play
test their skills at any time various users and real-time play
in combating large bosses in cooperation with the users

– over 200 achievements, colorful monster 160 species
utilizing various achievements and monster card content
Daejeon, the strategic battle is available in monster

– monster supply resources and my dungeon competing through the
supply of year card, soul, gold resource utilization monster card

strategic battles utilizing monsters –
using the advantageous properties cards monster advantageously the battle in progress

– boss War, boss raids, PVP, my dungeon, including a variety of game modes,
property boss and the War obtaining compensation through the
guild, explore mode, the monster War, including plans to update the various modes,

growth is comfortably competition among users in real time !!!
Growth is proceeding with various items
rivalry between users take advantage of the real-time control

Meet rise to a large variety of traditional 2D side-scrolling action RPG.
Please prove that you control a rise in far greater.

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