Criminal Clown Escape – Android HD

Free Download Criminal Clown Escape – Android HD

Criminal Clown Escape – Android HD

Criminal Clown Escape – Android HD Free

Criminal Clown Escape – Android HD Download

Criminal Clown Escape – Android HD for Free on APK Download.

Criminal Clown Escape! Today i’m plays action game 2016 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by Nation Games 3D.

My rate for this a game: 4/5.

About “Criminal Clown Escape” game app:
A creepy criminal clown has escaped the prison. Get ready for a spooky action mobile game with criminal clown chase and attack. The most terrifying nightmare has come true. He is the godfather of all mafia, a killer hitman, a real don. This grand killer legend has been haunting the streets of Downtown Chicago and New York for years now. His dangerous attack, killer shooting, spy assassin and criminal escape skills spread terror among agent and police cops. But an extreme high security operation against crime in the city resulted in his imprisonment. But his survival skills made the jail break possible for him. He is free and ready to take over other cities and countries too. Play as a killer creepy criminal clown and take over the underworld mafia. Shoot to kill security squad, carry out theft missions, assassinate spy agent, survive criminal escape police chase missions and win the gangwar. Sneak away from an attack, a police chase gun shot, escape like a killer hero and rule the underworld downtown streets. Enjoy this fun addictive game as a mafia underworld boss clown! Be prepared for the creepy clown sightings in one of the amazing clown games ever. Survive the assault, fight the dangerous missions.


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