Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android

Free Download Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android

Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android

Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android Free

Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android Download

Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android for Free on APK Download.

Crime of street:Mafia fighting – Android/iOS Gameplay

The story takes place in the streets of the metropolitan jungle, where the rulers are hostile gangs and the police in the city have long been bought by them, with ample ambition and unscrupulous means of doing things, and even a low-level villain Can be among the top of the gang.

Protagonist Chelios emigrated from Italy to the United States,Began his adventure time from small restlessness, and friends Charles everywhere to make Criminal Case, once again robbery shop in the detective stare, sentenced to 5 years.

After he was released from prison on the streets and contact Charles, began the underworld career. But Mafia life is always bring in trouble, the mafia important ruler figure Leo fancy protagonist Chelios, Leo told protagonist Chelios, the city a total of three mafia gangs.

Charles has become a ruler of the Farinen family,protagonist Chelios naturally followed Charles joined the Fala Ni family. The first task of the two men was to order a truckload of stolen cigarettes, and even the detective could not find them, and the Bishop who bought them was pleased with the recent performance of protagonist Chelios and Charles, and decided to hold a ceremony for them ,protagonist Chelios and Charles will become a full member of the French-Nepalese family

A month later, the Clement family and the Falleni gangs of war officially began! Bishop decided to start with a exciting start, told Chelios and Charles to do the meeting in the Empire Hotel Clement boss and the leaders leave,protagonist Chelios found Bishop with Falleni gangs who have been waiting outside meet .But protagonist Chelios and Charles were on the two cars, Chelios asked the bishop is how the case, the bishop said: Sorry, Chelios. Everybody has to pay the price …
It’s time to take the fight to the streets and Falleni members!
“Crime Of Street”Waiting For You!

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