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Hot debut of new 3D cube puzzle!
Every combinations can build a cube!
The best brain puzzle game!
9 geometry arbitrarily remove 2, can form a cube! Infinite combinations, simple operation, is a very playable 3D brain puzzle game!
–The pieces of the Crazy cube consist of all possible combinations of three or four unit cubes,
–Seven pieces must be assembled into a 3×3×3 cube.
–There are many different solutions. it is an ever-changing,
–we have already prepare you many Level, trying to accomplish these tasks .
–And this will be an interesting race
–It is worthwhile to try this brain puzzle game.

game features:
· Picture fresh, soothing music, playing a long time not tired!
· The ever-changing combinations, discover new fun every time .
· Moderate difficulties, exercise your brain!
· Be always free 3d puzzle game!
· Compete speed with your friends !
· 200 off problems, as well as constantly updated.
· A variety of solutions.

Share your experiences with friends 3D brain puzzle.
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I hope you like CrazyCube!


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