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CONQUEST for Free on APK Download.

▶ differentiation strategy through a variety of card!
– Number of troops and magic card combination of each civilization
– Card by summoning order, through a variety of strategies Coast
– Special abilities of heroes involved in the battle!
– Take the win by leveraging the card-specific resistance!

▶ fierce fighting taking place in real time!
– Use limited resources effectively let the opponent beat!
– Turn the flow of combat with the hero skills!
– Feel the difference in colors other battle every time!

▶ A strong storyline based on the history of the world!
– I have conquered the world civilization Become a conqueror of the world!
– The actual move to the center area, and you with a variety of civilization!

▶ Auto shameless battle it! Every time a new battle!
– Combat aspect is not run according to your selection!
– Get insight into the relative success strategy to try their strategy!
– We are ready to fight against the Colosseum, including specific NPC standing commitment.

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