Clown Outbreak

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Clown Outbreak Android

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The clown craze that has hit the US and the UK, starting in North Carolina has reached epidemic levels world-wide.

“In 2016, Claire Cunningham became a victom of serial-homicide. Her phone was recovered accounting her last days alive. This is her footage”.

This my my debut horror game title, “CLOWN OUTBREAK”.

Several teenagers in a park playing a prank that goes horribly wrong. Play as Claire and find your way out of the park whilst avoiding some seriously menacing foes!


Outrun your foes.
Use the Light / Audio feature to hide from your enemies!
Great graphics and sound.
Challenging gameplay and complex AI that makes each experience different.


New levels added for every 1000 downloads received including a Subway station and Claire’s home!
More footage, more cutscenes, more story.

Any questions just ask,



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