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This is a world of swords and magic, ancient magic sword with the changing science and technology co-exist, and we join them in search of glory and dreams of love and fetters …… epic

Kingdom Fei Lai has a rich cultural and economic prosperity, and even Was regarded as the most advanced civilization on the continent of Comram, but after the emergence of the Kenes, the ancient kingdom went to perdition. Savage invaders easily ripped layers of defense, to the king of Emerald City launched onslaught. Gai Na led the Royal Guard regiment in the city outside the bridge to fight to resist the protection of the Emerald City successfully ascend to the sky, for the Florence people left the last hope.

Time flies, once peace-loving people picked up a variety of weapons, actively planning to regain their homes in the war. Revenge has long distorted the heart of goodness, part of the radical people embarked on the extreme path of the Buddha, no matter how much to pay the price but also to get comparable with the strength of the Kenneth people.

At this time of the mainland land devastated Zemu, in Florence where few people set foot, mutation occurred in succession. Players play with the young blood to follow the footsteps of the legendary hero of Qana a chamber full of mystery in the war, a step by step to reach the origin of the plot around the world launched ……

[] The game features

a rich storyline
up to 50 hours of The main plot and rich branch line, together to build this called “when the door” of the world. A story, one by one character, let us feel the history of the world and the future of the other.

Huge world
huge stage 200 maps, carrying a world of joys and sorrows. From the sky city to the nameless island, from the rainforest to the desert, from Gobi to snowy. Through this unknown place, and with whom?

Diversified career
three major battle system 9 level and more side occupation, is the world’s glory and dream. There is no omnipotent career, there is no omnipotent monopoly. Need is more understanding and cooperation, different career combinations, the same wonderful.

The new fighting system
-wide real-time strategy combat bout in round game to be eye hand to hire, without waiting and without patience. You can jump to play, dodging, playing against, this may be an unprecedented round of fighting.

Economic system of free trade
for all needs can be output through the game, and can sell loot auction house. Small family breadwinner, big fortune.

Active content rich
variety of daily activities, open non-stop scheduled activities, as well as every day enlivened the world

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