Chaos Of Dragon (KR)

Free Download Chaos Of Dragon (KR) Android.

Chaos Of Dragon (KR) Android

Chaos Of Dragon (KR) Free

Chaos Of Dragon (KR) Download

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◈ Introduction ◈ game
You finally found the secret code!
Unleash your wings from the chaos of the Dragon!

Cooperation and competition with others and enjoy the original RPG fun!
Easy and quick auto-battle game that anyone can enjoy easily!
It is too much to enjoy! Find your secret code!

◈ ◈ Game Features

[PVP system, different scales;

– Prove your skills in the hero arena!
– Be pillaged the others showed their strength!

[Argyle reversal own spleen Card]

– Use yonghon La upset the dynamics of the battle!
– The battle of the warrior spirits that are not afraid to fight together!

[Distinctive heroes and endless growth;

– Distinctive character growth process!
– Can you really much stronger?

[Be with the Corps!]

– Growth with a special guild system and fight together!

– Challenge the limit!]

– Prove yourself in the tower of strength and special dungeons of the Titans!

[Diverse content;

– In addition to those described above, a variety of content waiting for you!

Official COD Cafe
Event information of the proceeding and the [COD] can be found through the official cafe.
Developer Contact:
Address: Yangpyeong-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 3 yiaenssi Dream Tower No. 414
Phone: 1899-3969


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