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CHAOS ARENA is a top-of-the-range heroes and rushes, and the game creatively adds career and heroic skills to traditional shooters, combining the most popular IO modes. So that players on the basis of shooting games, but also experience and companions tacit understanding, chaos mode of straightforward, and team competition in the blood.

【Game features】

This is a desperate fight, your task is to kill them all.

1, spray guns wide waist round, sniper waist legs long,
seven completely different heroes, there is always a hero for you.

2, even kill, kill, double play, super god.
Ten steps to kill one person, thousands of miles do not stay line.

3, always in the regiment, everywhere is the enemy.
War in the end, is now

4, three minutes a cool! At any time war!
No match, five minutes a fight. The rhythm is faster than you can imagine.

5, fingertips super god! I have operations, show over the audience.
The game is absolutely fair, as long as you have the operation, you can show the audience. The king of the king is not a dream.

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