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Build A Bridge! Today i’m plays puzzle simulation game 2017 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by BoomBit Games.

My rate for this a game: 4/5! Good.

About “Build A Bridge” game app:
Test your engineering and improvisation skills in a puzzle game where the stakes are as high as they get. It is you, who will construct bridges for cars, trucks, buses… And sometimes even monster trucks. Gather your wits and get on with the construction!

During the planning phase the game presents itself with a simple 2D interface. It is there that you select the best materials for your bridge and connect the dots to make the most resilient structure you can. You can approach each level as a complex puzzle, trying to be as efficient as possible and get the best solution. But don’t be afraid to experiment too! You can just go crazy and construct something that looks outrageous but still somehow works. There’s fun in both of these approaches.


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