Free Download BROWN DUST

BROWN DUST for Free on APK Download.

■ easy! Simple! But deep in the strategy RPG!
– SRPG Totally blanking difficult meantime? Brown dust are
placed in real time and mercenaries fight only ends when you rush!
Free SRPG that is difficult to recommend to you the game!
– The operation is simple but deep strategy! Only if you put good strategy,
a strong opponent can also be easy to knock down.
– The type of mercenary, will arise a variety of combat based on the location of the mercenaries!
To visualize your own strategy, a clear scenario!

■ graceful graphics feel the aroma of classic RPG
– the classic illustrations to complement a range of more than 250 mercenaries,
a highly recommended game for those who love the retro game for free!
– The mercenaries teonje battle fantasy-style graphics 9VS9
enhanced the dignity of a step SRPG.
– Easy for anyone to enjoy a familiar interface that guides and
helps double the fun of strategy RPG.

■ Various modes that enrich the fun of the game
– more immersive campaign modes for the fun of SRPG in over 600 stages!
– PVP mode via enjoying the battle with other users in real time teonje War PVP!
– RPG Basic Fun! Event dungeons to gather items Farmington, growing stuff!

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