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Battle Falcons is a spacecraft battle arena game set in a sci-fi universe.

In a future where humankind has developed intergalactic travel, a battle arena has been established in the depths of space. Its purpose is to serve as the ultimate decider in any conflict. Disputing parties meet in the arena to settle their differences – and might is right. Take on the role of an arena combatant, pilot a craft of your own design, and fight your way to interstellar domination!


【Unique Ships】
Different components can be combined into hundreds of ship varieties. Add your own paint job for a ship unique to you and your play style.

【Form Squads】
Team up with allies and take part in epic, real-time space battles.

【Strategic Options】
Frontal assault, tag-team takedowns, or sneak attacks on the enemy towers? There are countless strategies available in dynamic and unpredictable battles.

【Global Server】
Take on players from around the world in 3v3 battles as you strive to reach the top arena.

So, check your instruments and dials, strap yourself in, and get ready to pilot your craft into an interstellar brawl!

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