Bat Secret Mission

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Bat Secret Mission Android

Bat Secret Mission Free

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If you enjoy story-driven games and adventures with superheroes, this new contest was made specially for you!
Bat: Secret Mission – let’s solve the mystery of the super hero’s power!


Super hero’s special academy and school are usually created to prepare a team of champions to help the world. But not this time. In a secret hidden laboratory one builder started to create a marvel team of champions with super power. Your mission here is to solve the mystery of this experiment. You are not going to become a detective; you are a part of this contest.

You woke up in the hidden secret laboratory and don’t remember anything. But you perfectly know – that moment you got a new identity. Now you are not a common man, but a superhero.


Operate your character – superhero to find out the truth about his superpower.
Explore the story through secrets scattered throughout the mystery marvel world of superheroes.
Get back your own identity or start a new episode of your life.
Improve your skills and superpower as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.
Find out who you are – an assassin, hitman or superhero?


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