AZERA: IRON HEART for Free on APK Download.

▶ bard group of the overwhelmingly scale
Possible gas aboard the ultimate battle and your soul mate, bard group!
Be the first direct flight mobile MMORPG mechanics equipment!

▶ exciting haekaen slash action filled MMORPG
Skill Chain combos and speedy battle worth over 80!
Do experience the action could only be felt in MORPG MMORPG!

▶ cinematic story as more films than movies
Containing the secret of World Cinematic Story Azera video!
Enjoy a variety of cinematic story video Listen to escape the Azera!

▶ colorful meeting, azithromycin chimryakjeon of SNG and siege
Sikimyeo grow stronger guardian dragon tower guild hideout with the guild!
Check the strength of the guild Guild defeat your opponent in a variety of strategic and cooperative play!

▶ R.E.A.L FULL 3D open-field
A vast open field without time and space constraints!
La fully enjoyed freedom from the rigid implementation of the World in Full 3D!

▶ geukgang the only party dungeons, raids
The possible ultimate party play dungeons in real time up to 8 people!
At one point even called defeat the bosses do not keep an eye on!

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