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AXE for Free on APK Download.

■ Union X empire! Choose your camp!
Now to revive God, the Holy Empire Dar Khan
Prevent God’s Resurrection Party, the Allies divided the North
What is your choice of applying distinctive heroes of each faction?

■ PK fierce disputes between the camp takes place in the area!
Breathtaking field can not put the disputed area anywhere tension PK!
It is determined to win a strategic ally with! Fierce disputes before being conducted every day!
Be with your colleagues to infiltrate behind enemy lines! Secretly infiltrated the great mission!

■ Full 3D action unfolding in a vast open field!
Clowns meet in mobile and beautiful open field!
Slow and stop motion! The colorful and diverse, distinctive and attractive Full 3D action skill!
Now with your friends! With the party! Enjoy AxE!

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