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This year’s hottest Japanese anime hand tour “Aura Kingdom”, the world’s 18 million players who played the classic online games, the legendary network, Hundred again to build a large MMOPRG domestic game masterpiece, making a new MMO hand travel version, the pure Japanese Videos character design style, the Western fantasy theme online role-playing game, in an adventure game like Japanese animation.

Aura Kingdom is a Japanese anime style fantasy adventure MMORPG, the game players will play “Qiyuan messenger”, “open source messenger” to manipulate the mind “source of God ‘and more and more powerful, but also a critical moment with the players together Shi Zhanjiang large even carry nirvana.

Kai primordial who open your own exclusive world call it ►►►

[Game Features]
★ anime adventure second element strikes!
Authentic Japanese style, you detonate the second element fanatical, “I will try to protect you in the end” Drama School and the school are in love with the style Top1 new fan animation hand tour!

★ rotating Kai Yuen block call God ordained source!
Doom Dragon – Bahamute, Ji Fox – former Tamamo, La Luna – Asia Ti Gomes, fallen angels – Lucifer, the classic source of God will accompany players around, players assist combat, as players grow up together, come with your favorite source of God set a contract it!

★ Freedom weapon system with dual
players through the primary and secondary weapon of choice to create their own fighting position, each with different weapons and different skills, there are close fight lightning batter pole, a wide range of heavy artillery bombardment, manipulation of natural elements the power of the stick with both hands, or have divine healing power of a small harp. In the battle you will not have to switch weapons, you can feel free to use the primary and all secondary weapon skills, so that the battle even move with more freedom and abundant.

★ Raiders! Sky Tower
instant online multiplayer, the Society partners were fighting on-line copy of the dungeon Raiders, fast and friends to join together to attack the blood.

★ Find your own adventure path
through the adventure of the road system, you can learn all kinds of passive skills to create their own unique capabilities, according to the learning route you will have the opportunity to learn a powerful combination of skills with two weapons, both the culture of violence output or is one of the offensive and defensive roles are allow you the freedom to choose.

★ Variety shape free ride wear clothing fantasy fashion!
Fashion outfit is a major feature of the game which, in addition to their own to create exclusive fashion styling outside and Keyihuode additional bonuses. The match, choose clothes headdress, a test of everything Qiyuan messengers fashion concept, wants to build a fashion trend sportsman or beauty, it is necessary to make good use of their skill outfit for his role free with a beautiful dress handsome bar!

★ Simple! readily! One finger to play!
Extra “Aura Kingdom” designed fishing, cooking, collecting, rich and interesting card game, the game offers players more fun, meet all your leisure and entertainment.

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