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■■■ introductory level growth EVENT ■■■
Catch driven by the master with the Atom Level Up!
11/11/16 progress (Fri) ~ 16.12.11 (days) months
– Level 13 or higher server authentication, full compensation is based on the number of posts pop!
– Level 30 or higher authentication, iPhone 7 Plus, Domino’s Pizza Set, culture vouchers lottery!

* How to participate in the event and the winners will be announced on the official visit cafes.

■ ■ strategic combat with pets
It collected 100 species of your pet and to train more strongly!
Depending on the property configuration pets strategic team and Grow a pet even stronger!
+ + Kkultip Pet Book, pet league, I’m ready systems for a variety of pets, including pet bustle ~

■ rich and special systems for a variety of fun ■
1. Pet Topia
Create weaken the pet with stones and bombs,
Take your pet as bait to lure a pet!
Pet appearing in kkultip + + pet reminiscing Topia is different every day!

2. Pet League
Join a league pets!
Create the ultimate combination of personalized pet pet Become a league champion.
Prove that I’m grown pet named best!
+ + Kkultip reminiscing compensation varies showdown with opponents every showdown!

3. hideout hunting
You can not find a shelter pet!
Shelter, so live your pet has a strong hunting with friends.
Fully prepared before the hunt is essential!
When you kill the boss’s lair + + kkultip can get rich rewards!

4. Arena
Please through arena to compete with other master!
Grow strong and steady pets Battle!
I need to practice a steady growth in kkultip + + pet master!

5. The guild system
Oh Meet the guild system of differentiated guess.When million.
To increase the contribution to the guild, guild, please use the store as a contribution to the guild!
In addition, through the guild’s scientific research may enhance the properties of the guild pet!
+ + Kkultip variety of pet products you need to have available.

In addition to the buddy system, world bosses, achievements, and rival systems, etc.
Diverse and exciting are waiting for the master’s system.
Catch Catch of the atom with the new Atom!

■ Information ■ cancellation
– Unused paid content, you can apply for a cancellation by us within 7 days after the purchase.
– For weeks / monthly commodity, a commodity that is non-refundable used immediately after purchase.
– Cancellation of membership due to a simple change of heart will be refunded minus the payment of agency commission.
– Refunds will be conducted in accordance with the refund policies of the App Store, which are available on the terminal, the refund may require the applicant to verify facts and additional evidence materials.

■ ■ Customer Information Center
– Customer Center: 1544-0711 (weekdays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm)
– Contact Us:
– Official Cafe:


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