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In 2070, an unprecedented disaster came to the earth – alien civil alien alien plane invasion of the earth, they sent elite troops on the earth secretly spread can make the human mutation of zombie virus. Human beings have no sign into a zombie, each country slowly paralyzed …

– Game features –
◆ Cantonese dubbing
Authentic authentic Cantonese, the ultimate hearing to enjoy. Give you the most intimate taste.

◆ Unity3D, light and shadow extreme
“Armageddon” by Unity 3D game engine to create, with real-time light and shadow capture technology, a number of personality fresh name of the unique role, over a hundred well-designed level, more than a thousand different abilities zombie, Combined into the infinite possibilities shown in front of the player.

◆ shooting! dodge! Super kill! Gorgeous fight back
alien aliens invasion, zombie virus has spread the world. Human beings want to survive, it is necessary to stroke life.
In the fight against the zombie army, the player will experience a different shooting game. “No Day Ji Ji” is the mobile action of the shooting game, at the same time also have to dodge the enemy attack, the old opportunistic counterattack or cast super will solve the zombie group. The game experience is not comparable to other monotonous shooting games.

◆ instant connection team, three people break through the
general shooting game are to break through the game, “no day Ji Ji” is no exception. But different from the general hand tour, “Doomsday Ji” more team break through the play, players can work together with friends team break through, play more than the general shooting game.
And good friends together to resist the zombie army, not only test your team’s understanding, as well as the occupation of the division and division of labor, experience the unprecedented action shooting experience.

◆ Corps real-time PVP, the strongest guardian confrontation
in the fight against the Corps at the same time, we can also test the power of other legions. In the “Armageddon”, the Legion is not just a gathering point, it is the ultimate embodiment of online warfare.
Army commander can be assigned by the main, elite, members of the three different levels to the players, to determine the order of the opponent against the enemy, and other players of the same level of war, decided to Hong Kong’s strongest guardian!

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