Ark Age – Android

Free Download Ark Age – Android

Ark Age – Android

Ark Age – Android Free

Ark Age – Android Download

Ark Age – Android for Free on APK Download.

Ark Age – Android/iOS Gameplay

Doomsday is coming! Only 100 days left!
Build an Ark and save the animals before the Great Flood.
Play 5 different ages from BC2800 to AD 2999 with five different characters!
-Tap to slay Monsters and gather timbers to finish the Ark.
-Rain pours down as D-day comes by. Get it done before the world drown.
-Collect animals and arrange them as army of your own.
-Build up your army with 4 animals from the animals you’ve collected.
-51 different animals are categorized by 5 traits, combine them to form a unique army.
-Level up animals (max 50Lv) to develop their own unique skills.
-Gather all the animal cards (45 animals, 5 legends, and a mighty hidden one).
-Try out OX match quiz to character level ups and earn new animals.
-More animals you collect, greater the bonus team power your army gets!

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