Age of Fire and Ice

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Age of Fire and Ice Android

Age of Fire and Ice Free

Age of Fire and Ice Download

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Who said the age of miracles has past? This is the Age of Fire and Ice where the mightiest dragons and heroes rule. It is in your hands to make the impossible possible.
In a land of waging war and where winter never seems to end, leaders across the land are all gathering the strongest troops, heroes and dragons to defend and take control of the continent. With a mix of both the magical and the mystical, raise your own army of unique heroes and train up powerful dragons to assist in your siege and rise to the throne of glory!

Will you be the destined leader to rise above the ruins of battle to conquer the continent plagued by fire and ice? Download now and start building your kingdom today!


– Train and level-up your own dragons for battle!
– Build your own base with unique buildings and defences
– Strategize against the enemy and contest for resources
– Lead powerful heroes and troops into a battle of brain and brawn
– Unlock and utilise unique items at the right time to turn any battles around in your favor
– Battle millions of players online!


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