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You were warriors who RPG leveling the hansidae!
Be transformed! La stronger! According to transform the fun of growing stronger
Strengthen! La stronger! Weapons of thermal sack is the miracle of one!
Please connect to the real adult RPG ‘Arden’ right now!
■■■■■■■■■ game features ■■■■■■■■

▶ The transformation becomes stronger! “Transformation System ‘◀

Depending on the level with a gorgeous and fast attack speed
Special system that can be transformed into a top-line!
Let the whole body to express their absolute strength!

▶ ‘strengthen the system’ you can feel the tension, excitement beyond ◀

Featuring a distinct species more than 300 variety of equipment!
Enhanced item is destroyed on failure, but the thrill of pleasure when success!
As the value increases, the enhanced system stronger enhanced dramatically!

▶ Do the opponents ALL KILL! Real-time deathmatch ‘Hall of Fame’ ◀

One by one each per team appearances to 1:01 jingeom grab win the battle!
LA led by his powerful team to victory!
ALL PVP ‘Hall of Fame’ have a fun thrill of coming KILL

▶ The battle was a new concept! ‘Legion of demons’ ◀

5 vs real-time PVP system to enjoy 5!
The five kills and a team is experienced and strategic team play!
Enjoy the new PVE and PVP experience is combined in the “Legion of demons!

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