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You can not control the instincts reason … Do you really think so?”
Instinct is facing “ahkeron ‘
“Everyone duality is not present.”
Look around yourself!

– I define rounga?

– PVE servers spread the entire personnel participate in an open field!

– I yigijeokinga?

– Infinite luxury item drops enjoying a high probability areas PK !!

– Did He Jin conscious attention.

– The same appearance and nickname, Wuhan cheoksal ago to one of the last !!

Your honest instincts that dominate the very large open field!
MMORPG has captured everything, including strengthening the auction house, guilds, to ensure that they have the dungeon.
More hope that more valuable. Now, it is faced with instinct in the truth!

▣ ahkeron commemorate a special event open one!

1. Let the two sides play! If you participate in game items Coupon power presents!
2. Gather! The Ai Shinozaki pictorial is published in accordance with the issued coupon can achieve!
3. Select your preferred duality and share on Facebook
Xi child comes through a lottery Sino Limited Photos!
The more we share Odds of winning UP !!

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