A FAREWELL TO ARMS for Free on APK Download.

◆ story over the “weapon” in the devastated world!
July 23, 2020.
The runaway of the security robot called “Enigma”
The world owes a devastating damage.
It is a special reinforcement soldiers called “load” Yugo is dead …… throw himself into the fight.
– Has, it was.
After 100 years. Yugo is standing in desolate wilderness.
The next, engineers and Mizuki to him revived.
In order to stop the conflict which followed 100 years, in order to eliminate the weapons.
Yugo were to again take the sword.

◆ decorate the story of men, gorgeous voice actors!
Hero Yugo (CV: Hiroaki Hirata), Akira (CV: Akio Otsuka), Mizuki (CV: Haruka Tomatsu)
In addition to appeared gorgeous voice actors!
Hideyuki Tanaka Chinatsu Akasaki Yu Shimamura Sayaka Ohara Takayuki Sugao Daisuke Ono Kenta Miyake
Sumire Moroboshi Fumihiko Tachiki Enako Takeuchi Shun輔 Tomoyuki Morikawa Yukari Tamura KENN
Hatanaka Chiwa Saito Manami Yu Serizawa Tanaka Yu all of a sudden store Nyue Kanako

◆ Nagiharae! Exciting action!
Appearance several hundred bodies or more of the enemy is in one stage!
Action at once Nagiharau a large number of the enemy’s refreshing preeminent!
Weapon consists of a large sword, twin sword hammer knuckle.
Let Wakeyo skillfully use assess the compatibility and characteristics!

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